About us

About our Nutritional Supplement & Botanicals Contract Manufacturing

Beehive Botanicals is dedicated to purity, integrity and quality. Our commitment to quality is exemplified by our GMP certification by the NSF as well as being Organic and Kosher certified. Our in-house laboratory assures excellence in raw material, testing and processing. Beehive Botanicals and its manufacturing facility is a family owned company located in Hayward, Wisconsin and has over 40 years of experience in the natural products industry.

Beehive Botanicals provides a number of custom manufacturing and private-label services in a GMP-compliant, NSF-certified facility. Our organic certification is through MOSA and our Kosher certification is through CRC. We can provide contract botanical manufacturing and private label botanical manufacturing that includes encapsulation, bottling, powder filling, and liquid filling.

Through our retail website (www.beehivebotanicals.com) we offer a variety of bee products that enhance the way you look and feel. As a socially-responsible and environmentally-friendly manufacturer, Beehive Botanicals has been a leader in the natural products industry since 1972. We specialize in propolis, pollen, honey and royal jelly used as dietary supplements. All of our products are animal cruelty-free.