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Bottling Solutions from Beehive Botanicals

Beehive Botanicals provides a range of bottling solutions for your product. As global industry Bottling professionals, Beehive Botanicals operates with the utmost integrity and protects intellectual property rights here and abroad. Beehive Botanicals offers Strategic planning, and have an in-depth industry knowledge, a comprehensive engineering program, to helped the customer gain a competitive edge your marketplace.
Part of Our Standard Packaging:
+ White HDPE bottles + Cotton fill + White ribbed with PS 22 liner
+ Label application + Packaging 12 to a case + Clear, perforated, tamper-resistant neck seal
Beehive Botanicals can also customize a Solution for your product, with many add-on options.
Available Options:
Caps Seals Bottles Packaging
+ Special colors + Neck seal + Special colors + Blister packs
+ Child-resistant lids + Clear body band + Special styles + Individual boxes
+ Shrink wrap + Plastic + Pouches
+ Labeling + Glass
Beehive Botanicals Bottling Services