Capsule Manufacturing at Beehive Botanicals

Beehive Botanicals provides a range of Capsule and Tablet forms for your product

Beehive Botanicals can take your formulation and create a custom capsule encapsulation or tablet process based on your intended usages. Beehive botanicals is governed by the laws and regulations of the United States and is a USA based capsule manufacturer. A Beehive Botanicals representative will be assigned to your Manufacturing projects, and will keep you informed about the entire process from beginning to completion.

Complete our convenient “request a quote” form and input the details of your product. We will follow up and help you determine the next step to getting your dietary supplement or botanicals product manufactured. The information you provide is considered confidential and will be used exclusively for determining an outcome for your capsule manufacturing.

Our Standard Capsules:

+ Vegetable Capsules+ NP capsules+ Caplets, tablets, softgels available upon request.+ Sizes ‘4’, ‘3’, ‘2’, ‘1’, ‘0’ & ’00’
Capsule Manufacturing services

NSF, Organic and Kosher Certified Custom ManufacturingBeehive Botanicals is an NSF, Organic & Kosher Certified Contract Capsule Manufacturer of Botanicals and Dietary Supplements