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Advantages of Using a USA-based Small Batch Manufacturer: Start Small and Dream Big

HAYWARD, Wisc. Aug 24, 2021 – Beehive Botanicals, Inc. (

Are you looking to bring a supplement or botanical to market in a cGMP complaint and FDA registered facility but you’re not sure where to start? Are you curious about the benefits of US-based small batch manufacturing? If you’re interested in successfully bringing your product to market without risking a significant portion of your startup capital, you may want to consider working with a custom contract supplement manufacturer / private label manufacturer like Beehive Botanicals, who can help you perform a small batch manufacturing run of your supplement or botanical.

Let’s look at what small batch production is, why organizations use this manufacturing process, its advantages and why Beehive Botanicals is the right USA-based manufacturing partner for you.

First, we need to understand what this small batch manufacturing (a.k.a. prototype manufacturing) method is.

What is small batch manufacturing?

Small batch production is a term used to describe the number of units manufactured in a production run. Small batch manufacturing formulates and compiles the different components of a product through step by step processes but does it in the smallest feasible batch, thus minimizing the upfront capital required to test your product for its readiness in large scale mass production.

Why use the small batch manufacturing process?

Small batch production is typically used with new products that require a high degree of flexibility, or specialized products with customizable features. Much of the cost in the new product development process is due to producing the inventory to sell to consumers. This requires a lot of up-front investment with no guarantees that consumers will buy the products. Small batch production enables a cost-efficient supply of products that can be quickly market tested, and manufacturing turnaround times, depending on formulation, availability of raw materials and packaging, can be as low as 6 – 12 weeks. This reduces manufacturing risk and is more flexible in meeting consumer demand. This is advantageous where demand is either unknown or if consumer preferences change rapidly, then a small batch production system can rapidly respond and supply new product options and/or formulations.

What are the advantages for using the small batch production?

-Controlling Costs

One of the big advantages for using small batch production is being able to control costs. Smaller scale and flexible production is a smart way to control your costs if you’re starting a new product line. If a product needs to be modified or customized, ironing out sources of the defects in products thru test runs and design modifications would be especially costly with products on a mass-production scale. A production line with large industrial robots is difficult to reprogram, adjust and maneuver to manufacture a new product and is also very expensive.

-Quick Turnaround Times

Smaller batches take less time to produce. The ability to get a finished product into your customers’ hands quickly will enable them to test it and provide feedback about any specification changes that might be needed. Failure rates become less of an issue since the small batches produced reduce manufacturing risks and are more flexible in meeting customer demand. Small custom contract manufacturers like Beehive Botanicals can typically produce a small batch prototype with a turnaround, depending on formulation, availability of raw materials and packaging, in as little as 6 – 10 weeks.

-New Product Testing With Reduced Waste

With intense competition, fluctuating markets and growing demands for new and improved products, it makes less and less sense to go directly to mass production, especially if you become stuck with thousands of unsold units. Having too much of a particular product can be a liability in itself because long-term storage may become a costly expense. With more consumers seeking out brands that are sustainable, small batch production can help to control the materials being used and reduce a company’s environmental footprint.

-Quality Final Product

Small batch formulations allow the product developers the ability to create a successful product formulation and gauge the changes needed to make their small batch manufacturing a success. Small batch analysis and reformulation services for products help eliminate problems and allows for product improvements.

Why Should You Choose Beehive Botanicals As Your Manufacturing Partner?

Beehive Botanicals manufacturing, based in Hayward Wisconsin, is a USA based custom contract supplement manufacturing facility that provides GMP certified and Kosher certified manufacturing to supplement and botanical retailers in the US and internationally. Beehive Botanicals specializes in prototype and small batch manufacturing in addition to the bottling, liquid filling, tablet and capsule manufacturing of supplements and botanicals. Beehive Botanicals is set up for agility, using the latest technology and advanced manufacturing processes to deliver the quality your customers demand and deserve.

Beehive Botanicals is also unique in the industry of contract manufacturing of nutritional supplements for our ability to accommodate smaller runs and prototype batches in our cGMP complaint and FDA registered facility. To start the process of bringing your nutritional supplement or botanical idea to market we have an easy to use online request for quote form at our website or you can call us directly at 800-233-4483.

Our Sales Order Process will allow you to get a glimpse of what we have to offer you in partnership of your product formulation:

Formula: What is your formula? Do you have a straight herb or botanical or do you have a blend of several items?

We offer high-quality ingredients according to your product formula in either straight form or blended combinations.

Ingredients can be customer supplied or Beehive Botanical supplied and each ingredient will require a certificate of analysis (COA) and must accompany the shipment, SDS (Safety Data Sheets) and any certification if applicable (Organic, Kosher). Each ingredient is inbound tested for identity and microbiologicals and if applicable strength or marker testing.

Quality Assurance Standards: We have all the proper certifications including being FDA registered, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified, Certificate of Analysis (COA), and certified organic and Kosher. This is important in terms of making sure your products can achieve third-party certification by a quality assurance organization. This will also affect your ability to belong to the National Products Association (NPA) or other associations that will help advocate for you and keep you informed regarding new legislation and regulations that affect you products. It is important for consumers to trust the products they are purchasing and this trust will be created through your partnership with a quality contract manufacturer like Beehive Botanicals.

Quantity: To provide a proper quote we will need to know the quantity of capsules or bottles you are requesting, we will provide incremental pricing with all quotes to show savings based on quantity. We offer low minimums as follows:

  • 25,000 for a straight herbal ingredient and 50,000 for a blend of ingredients
  • softgel manufacturing requires 250,000-1 million
  • tablet manufacturing requires 200,000-1million
  • benefits of low minimums with 2 piece hard shells are low capital output when starting up a business or new product
  • help with small start up to large volume manufacturing
  • benefits of 2 piece hard shell no excipients needed like with tablets or softgels

Packaging: What type and size of packaging do you require? Beehive Botanicals has experience with many types of packaging including customer supplied packaging. Stock items are most economical as we have long standing distributors. If you supply you own packaging it must be accompanied by a certificate of content(COC) or it may be rejected for use.

Labeling: If Beehive Botanicals is applying your supplied label we require a legal review of artwork before label printing to ensure compliance with regulations of dietary supplements to not contain drug claims.

Certification: Is your product organic or Kosher? We can assist in product certification with a private label agreement. Certification requires initial review and annual recurring fees.

Turnaround times: The ingredients sometimes dictate how long production will take. Under most circumstances, Beehive Botanicals can manufacture a low minimum batch of supplements or botanicals in 6-10 weeks depending on formulation and availability of raw materials and packaging.

Since our founding in 1972, Beehive Botanicals has been committed to giving our customers the highest quality USA-based custom contract manufacturing of supplements and botanicals possible. We do this by also providing you with an in-house quality control laboratory, years of formulation expertise and a team of well-trained quality control technicians.

We pride ourselves in delivering our customers a safe and effective supplement or botanical in a timely manner that is manufactured right here in the United States of America. We hope you contact us today and start the process of bringing your nutritional supplement or botanical idea to market or email us your formula for pricing. You can contact us via our website at or by calling us directly at 800-233-4483.