Beehive Supplement Manufacturing News

US-based Manufacturer of Botanicals

Lessons learned during the Covid-19 Pandemic by a US-based Manufacturer of Botanicals and the Dangers of Being Dependent on the Global Supply Chain. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way we purchase products and the supply chains supporting those products. 

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USA-based Small Batch Manufacturer

Advantages of Using a USA-based Small Batch Manufacturer: Start Small and Dream Big. Are you looking to bring a supplement or botanical to market in a cGMP complaint and FDA registered facility but you’re not sure where to start?

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Types of Delivery / Encapsulation For Supplements

Different Types of Supplement Forms: What You Should Know Before Choosing

Consumers of health and dietary supplements have a daunting task ahead of them if you consider the multitude of choices of brands, labels and supplement encapsulation / delivery. Navigating through all of the information, advertising and variations can be overwhelming and even costly.

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Supplement Contract Manufacturing

The Most Important Questions to Ask When Selecting a Custom Contract Manufacturer of Dietary Supplements

Custom contract manufacturers provide several benefits to a marketing and/or branded health supplement company such as formulation expertise, affordability, quick turnarounds and quality products that can quickly support a large customer base.

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